A Heart to Hold You
starring: Lucy Hale, Rihanna, Michael Cera, Max Irons
song: A Heart to Hold You, Keane

Jennifer (Hale) has a malignant intracranial solid neoplasm. Diagnosed at the age of seventeen without much hope of a cure, she decides to take the opposite route her parents are on, one of mourning, and instead decides she’s going to live. Her brother, Matthew (Cera), helps her on her journey to make it to prom. Along the way comes bumps in the road, moments where she feels like she won’t make it, and wonders why it’s even worth it. A counselor, Miss Sharon (Rihanna), helps her see that she still has today. Throughout the journey of her senior year, her brother takes her to amusement parks, she gets into nightclubs with Miss Sharon, and she falls in love with Tony (Irons), all while her brother keeps a photographic journal of her adventures. It takes everything for her just to make it through the year to graduate, but will she make it to prom?
Synopsis meme suggested by blue studio.

I had a bunch of fun with the small text at the bottom… if you can’t tell…
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